Custom your Wool rebel

Among businesses we find a rapidly growing community of wool rebels. Businesses that equip their employees with branded Wool Rebel garments. Made in Sweden, insulated with Swedish wool waste.

You can proudly put your company's name on Wool Rebel's clothing, not just because they're awesome, but because you want to be a part of making this world a better place.

The clothing industry is responsible for 10% of global environmental pollution. Wool Rebel (and you) change that by:

- using locally wasted wool

- reduce emissions as we manufacture clothes hyper local

- only use recycled materials that are as locally sourced as possible

- sew smaller runs to reduce waste

We would love to have you in our Wool Rebel community, so let's work together to get the garments the way you like, with a small extra personal touch.

Ask us about Wool Rebel for your business

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