Size Chart Shorts


Small Medium Large XL
A. Waist 34,5 37 39,5 42 44,5 47 49,5
B. Leg Lenght 51 52 53 54 55 56 57
C. Leg Width 30,5 32 33,5 35  36,5 38 39,5

I couldn't get all that wasted wool out of my mind. My wool rebellion couldn't wait- even though life was incredibly busy. So, I launched Wool Rebel with a dream of zero waste.

We decided to take on the challenge of making padded vests and jackets using wool waste as insulation. The first step was to develop our own insulation - FÅRTEX®,  made from 100% wool waste from local farmers. It took us 3 years to create a prototype. After many tests of how to best process the wool.e discovered that machinery from the car industry was the best option, as the usual clothing production techniques did not work. 

The process of testing, adapting, and innovating has continued as we have kept focus on our wool rebel dream of a zero wool waste, locally processed vest. And we figured out how to do it!

The wool rebellion starts now. Join us and become a Wool Rebel.